5* Mar 21

March 21, 2013 || 7:30 p.m.
Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Music for Electric Viola
Featuring guest virtuoso violist Martha Mooke. Also performing the FIU FLEA Laptop Ensemble.

Concert Program:
Featuring works by Mooke, Leon, Garcia, and Singleton.

Featured Performer:

Martha Mooke, a pioneer in the field of the electric five string viola/violin, transcends musical boundaries by synthesizing her classical music training with extended techniques, digital effects processing and improvisation. She has developed a unique musical voice while retaining the depth and soul of the instrument. A Yamaha Performing Artist, Martha is a leading clinician on electric strings and alternative approaches to playing including the use of electronics, extended techniques and improvisation.

She has received awards from ASCAP, Meet the Composer and Arts International among others. Besides her catalog of works for solo and ensemble electric strings, she has composed music for theater and ballet and served as Music Director for national and international events. Ms. Mooke’s diverse schedule includes touring, clinics and lecture demonstrations.  She has toured internationally as a member of  Barbra Streisand’s acclaimed orchestra during the North American 2006 and European 2007 tours, with Peter Gabriel on his “New Blood Tour 2010” and traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico  with “Star Wars In Concert”.   Ms. Mooke’s genre-defying recordings, Enharmonic Vision, her solo debut CD, and Café Mars with guitarist Randolph Hudson, III, as the duo “Bowing”, have attracted wide critical acclaim.

Ms. Mooke received an ASCAP 2001 Concert Music Award for creating and producing ASCAP’s new music showcase THRU THE WALLS featuring composer/performers whose work defies categorization.


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