8*Apr 2

Wednesday, April 2 || 7:30 PM
Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum Wall

An outdoor concert of electronic music and video
featuring FLEA and the FIU New Music Ensemble

Concert Program:
Singing Sweetly from a Spider’s Web* | Rick Snow
La catedral de cristal | Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Mainframe | Nathan Davis
Having Never Written a Note for Laptop Ensemble | Jacob David Sudol
Dream | John Cage
all lengths in between perhaps | Paula Matthusen
Collage 3* | Juan Vasquez

* ISCM Selected Work

Featured Ensembles:

Founded in Fall 1987, the FIU New Music Ensemble specializes in the performance of contemporary chamber, experimental and electronic music with an emphasis in the music of the last 50 years. The ensemble’s instrumentation changes from semester to semester allowing for the presentation of a variety of repertoire. Performances include those on campus each semester as well as those in the community at galleries, libraries, museums, and other universities/colleges in the region. The ensemble has recently been featured at the Subtropics Music Festival, The Society of Composers National and Regional Conferences, and the National Conference of the College Music Society. To date the ensemble has presented music by a variety of composers representing a wide range of aesthetics, styles, and media from the US and diverse parts of the world including works written for the ensemble as well as works by young and established composers alike. The ensemble is made up of some of the School of Music’s best student performers.

The FIU Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble (FLEA) performs a program of electronic music including original and other cutting edge works.