13* Apr 17

Friday, April 17 || 7:30 PM
CARTA Miami Beach Urban Studios

Robert Dick Solo Recital
Virtuoso flutist Robert Dick performs a series of exciting works, including music by Daniel Asia, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Edgar Varese, and Robert Dick.

Concert Program:
everyone@universe.existence | Robert Dick
Viento Sonoro | Orlando Jacinto Garcia
Air is the Heaviest Metal | Robert Dick
Density 21.5,6,7,8 &9 |Edgard Varèse, arr. Robert Dick
Heat History | Robert Dick
Diary of the ID | Robert Dick

Featured Performer:

robertdickXHailed for his “spellbinding virtuosity” (Washington Post), Robert Dick has premiered and commissioned volumes of new repertoire for flute, and garned praise as a composer, improviser, and inspiring teacher. As a composer in the classical world, Robert Dick is one of only two Americans ever to be awarded both Composers Fellowships (twice) and a Solo Recitalist Grant by the N.E.A.  He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship and commissions from the Jerome Foundation, Fromm Music Foundation, Mary Flagler Cary Trust, the city of Zurich, the Philharmonie in Cologne and many more.  At the 1999 National Flute Association Convention in Atlanta, Dick was soloist in his Concerto for Flute/Bass Flute Strings and Percussion. Current compositional projects, all commissioned, include works for the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth, the New Century saxophone Quartet and the flutists Elizabeth McNutt (a work for amplified flute) and Jun Kubo (a flute duo).

A look at Dick’s discography reveals a musician of major creative scope, with over twenty CDs of original solo and chamber works and collaborations with fellow creative musicians in such groups as the Ambient/Overdrive band King Chubby.  Other CDs feature music by Telemann ( the Fantasies for flute alone) and Jimi Hendrix. Recent releases include King Chubby’s IS and Columns of Air, duos with multi-instrumentalist and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier.

As an improvisor, Dick has performed and recorded with New Winds, Tambastics, Oscura Luminosa, the Soldier String Quartet, the A.D.D. Trio, Paul Giger and Satoshi Takeishi, Jaron Lanier, Randy Raine-Reush and Barry Guy, Mari Kimura, Steve Gorn and many more of Europe and America’s finest improvisors.  Over three decades of collaboration, musicians he has worked with include Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Georg Gräwe, Evan Parker, Malcolm Goldstein, Shelley Hirsch, Jöelle Leandre and John Zorn.

Robert Dick’s multifaceted musical life includes work on redesigning the flute itself.  Brannen Brothers Flutemakers manufactures his invention, the “Glissando Headjoint”, which does for the flute what the “whammy bar” does for the electric guitar.  Dick performs on a special flute that Brannen built for him, a radically expanded version of the their Kingma-System model.  This flute has a myriad of new musical possibilities and many of Dick’s recent compositions embrace these freedoms.  Dick also has a relationship with Emerson Musical Instruments, which produces the Robert Dick Model bass flute.  The goal of this bass flute, which Dick plays in his concerts alongside of the unique Brannen, is to be a powerful, rich-toned yet modestly priced instrument.

Comp Forum 4/17 @12:00 PM MBUS

Concert program.


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