The New Music Miami Festival began in 1993 as the May in Miami Music Festival, an annual, week-long festival occurring every May.  The festival featured nightly concerts with performances by performers from the New World Symphony and FIU faculty of renowned, emerging, and student composers.

In 1997, the festival expanded its scope by scheduling concerts throughout the year and became the New Music Miami Festival.  This followed another change in format in 2002 when the festival became the New Music Miami ISCM Festival, reflecting FIU’s status as an associated chapter of the ISCM.

The festival now includes the presentation of music by composers from around the world, many of whom are present to discuss their music for FIU students and audiences.  The festival has continued to expand, featuring new concerts for acoustic and electro-acoustic instrumentations both in concert settings such as the Wertheim Performing Arts Center and unique venues such as out-of-doors concerts at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Art Museum.

Throughout this, New Music Miami has developed numerous partnerships with presenting institutions, such as the Forum for New Music from Latin America and Music of the Americas Festival.  The festival has enabled composers and performers to participate and present their work from countries such as Canada, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, England, and France.  Special guest performers have included Joan LaBarbara, Evan Ziproyn, Margaret Lancaster, Todd Reynolds, Kathleen Supové, Luis Gomez Imbert, Madeline Shaprio, Jaime Marquez, Saul Bitran, Daniella Strasfogel, Laura Wilcox, the NODUS Ensemble, and the FIU Symphony Orchestra and FIU Symphonic Wind Ensemble.  Distinguished, featured composers include (but are  not limited to) Earle Brown, Morton Subotnick, Jonathan Kramer, Tania Leon, Donald Martino, Pauline Oliveros, Bernard Rands, George Crumb, Olly Wilson, Tomas Marco, Lukas Foss, Mario Lavista, Don Erb, Chinary Ung, Mario Lavista, Judith Shatin, David Lang, Javier Alvarez, Todd Reynolds, Evan Ziporyn, Matthew Burtner, Elizabeth Hoffman, and Fredrick Kaufman among others.


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